Plyo Vitamins

Identity and packaging for a science-backed sports nutrition brand

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Founded by an experienced sports dietitian, Plyo designs vitamins and supplements specifically for athletes. Their flagship product – an NSF Sport Certified gummy multivitamin – is preferred by both sports dietitians and athletes alike, as an easier and more effective alternative to capsules and messy liquid vitamins. Plyo came to us with their first product in the testing and production phase but without a name, brand identity, or clear direction for how to position themselves in the market.

When working with a newly established company, we make sure to establish a solid strategic foundation before we begin any creative work. For Plyo, we decided to leverage their founder’s background as a registered sports dietician and the science behind the products she is developing. That strategic positioning informed everything from the name – Plyo comes from plyometrics “a type of exercise training that uses speed and force of different movements to build muscle power” – to the brand design to the UX/UI of the website. Our collaboration with Plyo has set them up to quickly scale as their first products hit the market – their targeted and effective products supported by a distinctive brand will help them connect to athletes at every level.

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Brand Strategy | Identity Design | Packaging Design | Web Design | Ecommerce Development

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