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Our individual services are great and all, but our solutions get Hadron Collider supercharged when two or more of our services combine.

Behind the screens

This is how we do it

We’re adventure focused, work/life balanced, dedicated creatives and makers. Our company culture is 6 parts work, 3 parts fun, 1 part .gifs: shaken, not stirred. Whatever we do - and we are always doing a lot - we keep a few things top of mind:

  • No secrets here
  • Communicate well and often
  • Do the right thing
  • Be curious, be different
  • All are welcome
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FlowState Team Photo

We’re adventure focused, work/life balanced, dedicated creatives and makers. Our company culture is 6 parts work, 3 parts fun, 1 part .gifs: shaken, not stirred. Whatever we do - and we are always doing a lot - we keep a few things top of mind:

  • No secrets here
  • Communicate well and often
  • Do the right thing
  • Be curious, be different
  • All are welcome

A sampling of our partners

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Meet our makers

This is Shawna. When she’s not taking care of business for her clients she’s busy being one of the happiest people you’ll ever meet. Maybe too much so? Like, come on Shawna, you can’t really be that nice and happy. Oh but she is.

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Shawna Weltsch

Senior Branding Consultant

Shamus has a fast car. He’s out there doing all kinds of awesome stuff and things for this company and works out every morning. He is so strong. Watch out.

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Shamus McNutt

CRO & Co-Founder

This is Mark. He may not talk much, but his designs do the speaking for him. He takes inspiration from his mountain adventures. If you want to wear clothes that are cooler than everyone else’s, Mark designs them.

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Mark Grubbs

Creative Director & Co-Founder

This is Ben. Ben is pretty awesome. He makes things happen. He thinks he’s pretty funny. He’s right. Ben does not eat. Ben is actually a robot.

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Ben Thomson

COO & Co-Founder

This is Tom. He runs point on making brands pretty, shiny and successful. Tom escaped the Kansas flatlands, so now he spends his time climbing rocks, shooting adventure photography, and doing other hippy mountain stuff.

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Tom Abrams

Creative Director - Digital

Doing his name justice, Jourden is a very…skilled man. He brings an undeniable sense of calm and finesse to his work as an absolute wizard at organizing, optimizing, and driving success for brand and digital projects.

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Jourden Skillman

Project Manager - Digital

This is Katie. She keeps the people, places, and things in production running on schedule. She’s also probably the sweetest person you will ever meet. Katie is one cool cat. Meow.

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Katie Kermashek

Production Manager

This is Josh. He’s a designer, photographer, and video artist both in and out of the office. Josh is a wholesome young man from the midwest with a sharp eye for style and digital design. His favorite White Claw flavor is Mango.

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Josh Block

Art Director

Introducing Mr. Matt Mitchell. He makes dreams come for our clients as an experienced and dedicated brand consultant. Some may say he’s quite funny. And that he radiates good vibes. In his free time, he makes being a rad dad look rad as hell.

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Matt Mitchell

Senior Branding Consultant

This is Alex. She takes care of all the words and some brand strategy to boot. She writes screenplays on the side which as far as hobbies go is pretty cool. If you want to win bar trivia, get Alex on your team.

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Alex Bair

Strategy Director

This is Keagan. He makes sure all the custom merch arrives on time and is looking fly. He might be a Boulderite who started his own fraternity, but he’s not your typical “bro”. In fact, he’s the young man you saw actually helping an old woman cross the street.

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Keagan Vernon

Production Specialist

Max is a nice and happy guy. And he makes our merch clients feel happy as their tour guide through design and production projects. True to his Colorado roots, he loves river fish (catching them with a fly rod, that is) and mountain trail joy rides on his dirt bike.

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Max Schecht

Branding Consultant

Say hello to Elyssa. [Elyssa says hi in return]. She is an energetic, positive, and talented designer with street smarts – AKA asking all the right questions. Local to Denver and overflowing with creativity, you’ll likely find her deep in her latest crafting project.

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Elyssa Norris

Digital/Brand Designer

Jeremy is pretty hard rock. Like been-in-an-avalanche hard rock. Outside of shredding the backcountry and having a wicked mustache, Jeremy keeps an impressive warehouse running smooth like butter so our merch clients don’t have to think twice about product quality, storage, and fulfillment.

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Jeremy Dumont

Warehouse Lead

This is Shane. He handles all the numbers that need crunching and the man knows how to crunch. Originally from California, Shane traded his surfboard for snow gear and is all about the super sweet Colorado lifestyle. Try looking him up on Soundcloud – he also makes some pretty sweet beats as a DJ in his spare time.

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Shane Barnett

Finance Manager
Recent Accolades (past 12 months)

Some healthy validation

For all of our projects, our greatest metric of success is helping our clients meet their goals, but it sure does feel good to be recognized by our peers in the industry. Here are some awards and recognition we’ve received recently.

Top 5 Denver Branding Agencies
Top 10 U.S. Branding Agencies
Top 1000 Global Companies

Honorable Mention + Mobile Excellence - Secret Stache

The One Club Denver
Merit Award for Branding - Secret Stache

Design Rush
Best Design Awards - NuRange

Orpertron Web Design Awards
Site of the Month - Secret Stache

AVA Awards
Platinum Web Design - Secret Stache
Gold Short Form Web Video - OneStone
Platinum Short Form Web Video - Grip Logic
Platinum Web Design - OneStone

Marcom Awards
Platinum Web Design - Secret Stache
Gold Strategic Campaign - PanTheryx
Platinum Web Design - Pinsight

Hermes Creative Awards
Gold Integrated Campaign - Mashbot

2022 Local Excellence Winner
2021 National Excellence Winner
2021 Denver Excellence Winner

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