Numbers to power climate action

Reshaping an industry pioneer

In the ever-evolving landscape of climate action, Optera, a pioneer in carbon accounting software, recognized the imperative for a brand evolution after two decades of impactful work. Their commitment to precision and dedication to global climate goals needed a visual narrative that matched their technological prowess and industry advocacy.

Optera approached us with a dual objective: rejuvenate their brand to reflect their extensive experience and pave the way to a broader reach including a self-service SaaS approach.

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A fusion of nature and technology

Our design approach was aimed at balancing their offerings’ analytical and technical facets with the energy and approachability of a modern consumer identity. A careful fusion of a clean, minimalistic design, impactful sans-serif fonts, and collage-style imagery struck the perfect chord. Nature-inspired colors, predominantly green, communicated the climate-centric focus while injecting vibrancy and a tech-forward aesthetic. The logo holds data visualization and dynamic expansion themes, centered around the abstract butterfly shape from their previous logo.

The brand strategy reinforces Optera’s leading reputation by keeping the communication focused on a simple, central mission: using technology, data, and intelligence to work with, not against, industry titans to drive tangible and timely climate action. To balance the seriousness and avoid commonplace tactics of inducing alarm and urgency, the voice is intentionally inspiring, engaging, and consistently uplifting, without sacrificing professionalism.

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