Designing a new legacy for the future of fine footwear

MereCatch is building an innovative new way to access luxury footwear. They have developed an online marketplace that connects high-end boutiques with shoppers from around the world, making it easier for those shoppers to find rare, vintage, designer, and highly sought after shoes. MereCatch came to us with their business concept, company name, and a strong sense of direction that launched us into the development of a strategic brand identity.

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Bringing the People Together

The foundational challenge we faced in crafting the strategy and messaging for MereCatch was the fact that they have two distinct but equally important audiences powering their platform. The main users of their platform are shoppers but they also want to attract a wide range of boutiques to create a wide variety of inventory to their platform. Swinging our focus too far in the direction of either audience ran the risk of alienating the other, but MereCatch’s ability to attract boutiques and shoppers was highly dependent on getting both audiences on board simultaneously. Our solution to this challenge was to identify and leverage an element that both audiences shared: an appreciation for luxury.

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Tangible Luxury Meet Effortless Cool

For the design we worked to capture the feeling and aesthetics of a fancy (though unpretentious) boutique. We enhanced that visual expression with a messaging platform that embraced a direct, bold, and confidently cool personality. We paired two distinctive fonts to bring a unique energy and flavor to the brand – this pairing created an immediately recognizable wordmark for the brand, and used across deliverables and the MereCatch platform, these juxtaposed fonts have become a memorable trademark of the brand.

As an online shopping platform, MereCatch relies on product photography to showcase what is available to their customers. Since this photography is so visibly a part of the brand, we created guidelines for incorporating the personality of the brand into all forms of imagery – lifestyle, studio, and catalog.

Preparing for Launch

Strategic, distinctive, and versatile – MereCatch’s brand identity matches the ambitious vision of their team with a modern take on luxury shopping. We created templates and designed key web pages to support the launch of their platform, and the execution of the brand in messaging and key visuals has helped MereCatch establish partnerships with boutiques to populate their store. As Merecatch makes waves in a specialized ecommerce landscape, they can confidently expand into a highly competitive space, evolving the way shoppers find the rare gems of luxury footwear.

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