Escaping the expected with a bold brand identity and custom packaging

Escapely is a quickly growing puzzle and escape room company. Originally started as an online only virtual experience (perfect for remote employees and large-scale team building) Escapely came to us to help them develop a brand identity that could incorporate a new product – an escape room in a box that helps players explore a city – to their existing online-only offerings.

Our Role

Brand Identity | Brand Strategy | Packaging | Web Design | App UI | Copywriting

Best in the Biz

Escapely wanted to invite a diverse audience of puzzlers to play their games – these adventure boxes are designed to be engaging for experienced puzzlers and first-time players alike, creating a fun evening out for any group. Players only need their Escapely box and a smartphone to be guided through an immersive and mobile adventure that takes them to interesting bars, restaurants, and coffee shops throughout a city neighborhood. From the start we looked for opportunities to incorporate puzzles and mystery into the brand’s identity itself, playing with logos that were mazes, hidden brand elements in the background, and a general sense of fun and intrigue in everything from the color choices to brand messaging.

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8 Escapely Subway Mockup
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Because these new puzzle boxes are designed to be played out on the town, we wanted them to be eye-catching, memorable, and cool enough to inspire someone sitting next to Escapely players to lean over and ask “…sorry to interrupt, but WHAT is that?” We used the high-contrast brand colors to create an area of interest on each side of the packaging without overwhelming the inherent mystery. We also used a branded background element that gives a subtle distinction and depth to the black game box. Finally, we designed the final touch point for game players: branded web-app screens that play a critical role for puzzlers to receive hints, check their answers, and progress the story as the mystery unravels.

Escapely’s intriguing brand identity and eye-catching packaging will help them enter the market with distinction, making a necessary splash as they compete against existing at-home escape room products and introduce their exciting new city-exploration focused games. Their brand will attract experienced puzzlers while still feeling welcoming to more novice gamers, curating a fun and immersive night on the town for anyone looking to add a little excitement into their socializing and escape the expected.

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