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Escapely is a quickly growing puzzle and escape room company. Originally started as an online only virtual experience (perfect for remote teams and large-scale team building) Escapely came to us to help them develop a brand identity that could incorporate a brand new product: an escape room in a box that helps players explore a city. Players only need their Escapely box and a smartphone to be guided through an immersive and mobile adventure that takes them to interesting bars, restaurants, and coffee shops throughout a city neighborhood.

The brand needed to enter the market with distinction, both competing against existing at-home escape room products and introducing this new city exploration focused version of an escape room. We explored vibrant colors, copy that ranged from mysterious to playful, and custom graphics that can be used as a part of the brand and potentially within the games. We landed on a bold and exciting expression of the Escapely brand that feels intriguing to experienced puzzlers, welcoming to first time players and has a consistent brand impact from their digital presence to the Escapely boxes themselves.

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Brand Strategy | Brand Identity | Packaging Design | Web & UI Design

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