• DateApril 6, 2022
  • AuthorFlowState Branding
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FlowState Featured: Envato Branding Tips Blog

Our Creative Director Tom Abrams was recently featured in Envato’s article “How to Design an Eye-Catching Visual Brand: 25+ Expert Branding Tips.” Here’s what he had to say:

Tom Abrams - Creative Director


Understand Your Business

Start with a strong and comprehensive understanding of the business or organization you’re working with, and the ecosystem it operates within – the company goals, culture, personality, business functions, audience, competitors, market – and build from there. Keep your audience in mind, but don’t feel like you need to pander to them – a strong brand identity will resonate with your audience but can still have its own distinct personality.

Keep it Simple, Memorable and Versatile

Our definition of a good brand, which encompasses everything from logos to messaging to color palettes, is one that’s simple, relevant, memorable, and versatile. When all of those elements are present and working together, a brand can be distinct yet agile. Try to avoid branding trends and what feels cool right now – timeless brands retain their impact and can become even more memorable as time goes on.

Know Your Point of Difference

For those just starting out, make sure you have a strong sense of your unique value and differentiators and leverage those elements of your service and brand as much as possible. For example, our clients often know one side of our business (custom merch and promotional goods) or the other (brand identity and website design). We wanted our brand to clearly communicate the full range of branding work that we can provide, which we accomplished by creating alignment in copywriting and design across our website, social media, and other touchpoints where we interact with current and potential clients.


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