• DateOctober 1, 2022
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Coors Light Puffy Blankets

Coors Light holds a special place in the heart of any Colorado company, and we’ve loved partnering with them since 2018. Through the years we’ve built our favorite type of working relationship with Coors – one that is built on trust, collaboration, and creativity – so when they came to us needing something special to help promote a new campaign we were excited to create a unique solution. Previously we’d worked with Coors to create products for their Winter Series giveaways, designing and producing socks, VersaTek hoodies, double layer facebuffs, and other cold-weather essentials. Coors was launching a new campaign – Made to Chill – and wanted a novel new product to send to their distributors in the four corners region to help their customers connect to this new tagline. 

coors light puffy blanket roll

This was the perfect opportunity to showcase one of our favorite new products: puffy blankets. These versatile blankets are made from the same warm, lightweight, and water-resistant material that we usually use for puffy winter jackets, which makes them an ideal solution for staying cozy in the mountains, camping, in the park, at a concert, or any of the other outdoor hangouts that Coors Light drinkers like to take part in. 

While we were confident the product itself would stand out, we wanted to showcase our custom design work by leveraging the recognizable Coors Light designs in a slightly unexpected way. We used the vibrant Coors Light red and blue and the classic mountains from the logo, but then added a topo-style detail in the stitching which added a custom 3D element to the blankets. The final result feels special and surprising, a playful and elevated expression of this well known brand that feels thoughtfully designed. 

Coors Light Puffy Blanket

Our longstanding relationship with Coors laid the foundation for a creative and exciting project. Our past collaborations ensured our team had a strong understanding of the Coors Light brand and audience, and the Coors team trusted us to create something truly unique and unexpected to help support their new campaign. 


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