• DateMay 13, 2018
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 5 Reasons Why Custom Apparel is Good for Business

How you communicate your brand, your use of approved fonts and colors, to how information is presented on your website, or the application of your logo on materials and assets – all of these actions play into crafting your brand.

Likewise, creating a unique, lasting experience with your brand extends to custom branded apparel. Branded apparel is a method of spreading brand awareness by the placement of your logo on apparel.

Here are 5 reasons why custom branded apparel helps you to create a unique brand experience.

welltok puffy jacket

Brand Awareness

Custom branded apparel is a great strategy for increasing your brand awareness. Not only is it continuous advertising but you can turn customers, clients and employees into walkable, wearable billboards (discreetly of course, and wearing cool, functional designs). High, quality custom branded apparel is a premium item that your consumers will keep for a long time;  Breckenridge Brewery designed and produced custom branded apparel creating a unique brand experience for customers in their flagship store, their sales teams and employees.

breckenridge brewing polo

Loyalty & Relationship Building

When you provide clients and employees with one of a kind designs featuring your logo you create the opportunity for a lasting relationship with your brand. Relationship building is important as it plays into loyalty and retention; by building long-term relationships with clients and employees your brand stands a higher chance of retaining those services or skills over time. With this in mind; designs that speak to the value of your product or business and are desirable help to promote loyalty and retention.

Cost-Effective Marketing

It’s the gift that keeps on giving; giving of impressions that is. Unlike other forms of marketing which have a short lifespan, custom branded apparel is designed to be worn, washed and worn again. Every day when you look around you it’s likely you are seeing and absorbing logo-branded clothing worn by friends, colleagues, and passers-by. Take it one step further and reward your clients and inspire your employees with an efficient and cost-effective form of marketing like branded apparel.

custom hoodie

Competition Marketing

Differentiate yourself from your competitors. Branded apparel uses a word of mouth technique to stand out in the crowd and there are so many options you can put your name to; hats, tees, socks, jackets and more. Pairing high-quality materials with a highly-skilled design team can help unleash those possibilities.

Promotion & Giveaways

As custom branded apparel is bespoke, uniquely designed and made to a high-quality standard it’s the perfect logo merchandise for giveaways on your key marketing channels. This includes through your email database and across your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Create a buzz and a demand for your products or services when you reward social media followers with an apparel item that is uniquely your brand.

Logo merchandizing isn’t just limited to custom branded apparel. You can place your logo on promotional goods such as pens, mugs, and just about anything. Learn why it’s important to step up your swag, or contact us today to learn more.