So Damn Gouda

A tastefully crafted brand and ecommerce evolution

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So Damn Gouda is a popular cheese and specialty product shop based in Denver, CO. Their signature offering – carefully curated cheese and charcuterie plates – became even more popular as a delivery option during the Covid-19 lockdowns, allowing cheese enthusiasts across the city to enjoy a little luxury at home. Though So Damn Gouda had a well established storefront and a functional (though basic) ecommerce website, their inventory and processes weren’t connected making it harder to manage both parts of the business.

Our collaboration with SDG was to create a brand-centric website, where we refined their existing brand and created a custom website with an emphasis on an easy to manage backend that made tracking inventory and managing orders simpler and more consistent. The new website improves both the customer experience – making the process of ordering custom cheese and charcuterie intuitive and more aligned with the experience of shopping in the store – and the process of managing the wide and ever changing variety of products featured both in person and online.

Our role

Brand Evolution | Ecommerce Strategy | Web Design & Development

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