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“This was a challenging time for consistent branding at our company, but [FlowState] did a great job of quickly understanding our business and the main points of communication we needed. They were much more nimble and flexible than larger agencies, able to roll with the punches.”


– Brand Manager, PanTheryx


PanTheryx is a biotechnology company and a world leader in colostrum science, committed to innovation and promoting social good. They came to us to help refine their messaging and to create an outreach campaign to their dairy farmer partners, highlighting their relationship-focused and global impact approach. This campaign needed to span across print and digital, and also capture a version of the PanTheryx brand voice that spoke more authentically to these partners than their usual audience of nutraceutical executives.


Our Role

Brand Identity | Campaign Strategy | Copywriting | Collateral Design | Branded Apparel

Anchoring the Story of the Brand

PanTheryx has a powerful brand story: their first and flagship product – DiaResQ – was created to treat infectious childhood diarrhea, a disease that kills more children annually than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined. Through the years, PanTheryx had found that many of their farmer partners didn’t know about this initiative, or even that colostrum could be used to treat human illness. We saw this gap in knowledge not as a shortfall, but as an opportunity to create a mission-based connection with the brand and inspire long-term partnerships and brand loyalty with the dairy farmers they relied upon to provide the key ingredient in their products.

Though this campaign needed to raise awareness – teaching the farmers about a humanitarian element of PanTheryx and the potential of their colostrum they did not know about – it also needed to feel authentic and direct. To that end, we sought to find a balance that kept the messaging grounded in science but also infused the true human impact PanTheryx can make with their colostrum-based products.

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Balancing Differentiators

We explored a version of this campaign that pushed in a more humanistic direction – utilizing a warm and inviting color palette, centering the cows and farmers, and generally evoking a pastoral warmth – and one that focused more on the science and innovation behind PanTheryx’s products and partnerships.

Though both campaigns felt impactful, we decided to pursue the more science-focused campaign while intentionally infusing some of the human elements. We used a soft, deep navy and began incorporating our winning campaign tagline – Colostrum for Good – in key places throughout the design. This direction felt authentically connected to the greater PanTheryx brand while still speaking honestly and respectfully to their farmer partners.

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“The company has a much more established brand than it did before our engagement. Feedback has been incredibly positive, truly reflecting the work we’re doing currently.”

Brand Manager, PanTheryx

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Expanding to Collateral

With a clear voice and direction established, we began creating all the elements of this campaign that PanTheryx needed to begin their outreach. At this point we had also begun a website design project with PanTheryx, so we created a page dedicated to sharing this information on their new site. We updated the information slightly to appeal to a broader audience that included both potential farmer partners and nutraceutical execs, investors, supplement creators, and anyone else who would be interested in PanTheryx products’ key ingredient.

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The Strength of a Brand Story and Mission

We were excited to work with PanTheryx to highlight the important work the company has been committed to since their founding, helping them clarify and refine their compelling brand story and mission. In conjunction with their new website, this strategic messaging campaign marked an investment by PanTheryx into the future (healthy, scalable, and potentially explosive) growth of their company, which should support them as they continue to innovate and leverage the health and wellness potential of colostrum.



Marcom Digital Awards – Strategic Campaigns, Gold

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